Miss Piggy for MAC Cosmetics

Miss Piggy for MAC Cosmetics

Q&A: Miss Piggy shares her style secrets Miss Piggy’s one busy diva. Her limited edition Miss Piggy for M·A·C collection will be released exclusively online on Nov. 14 and she stars in The Muppets movie, out Nov. 23. We asked the porcine style icon to share her fashion and beauty secrets and a few of her favourite things.Q  You don’t seem to have aged in years! It’s almost as though time has stopped — as though there’s a painting aging in the attic. What’s your secret?A  My secret? I don’t celebrate birthdays — though I do accept presents, and not just on birthdays. Also, I travel with a team of stylists and makeup artists who make certain I always look my best. And, in the unlikely event I don’t look my best, I have a very aggressive publicist who gets the pictures back before they hit the tabloids. As for the “painting aging in the attic”: that’s simply not true. I keep it in the garage.  

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